Consulting services in urban design, planning and engagement
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consulting services in

urban design,  planning & engagement

Navigating the space between planning, architecture and development.

We specialise in solving complex problems, working in close collaboration with project teams, planners, architects and project managers.

Urbanac has experience on both sides of the table as development advocate and as consent authority representative. We understand the issues that really matter in getting your project across the line and we help project teams to focus and communicate. 





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Areas of Practice


Urbanac navigates the space between planning, architecture and development. We specialise in solving complex urban problems, identifying project ‘pressure points’ and the urban ‘acupuncture’ to unblock them. Sometimes it's the way you tell the narrative around your project that matters. Urbanac can help you design a wining project strategy.


Urbanac understands the need for clear, timely, practical, targeted and constructive critique that can encourage the best out of a design team. Sometimes you need a second viewpoint to challenge design assertions and offer alternatives that improve the outcomes for everyone. When proponents and consent authorities can't agree, Urbanac offers urban design expert witness services to help you in Court.

PLanning for Development

Shortening approval times, providing greater certainty and improving outcomes are key objectives for all participants in the planning system. Urbanac brings extensive skills in development assessment and project negotiation. Urbanac knows how to pitch projects to consent authorities and brings a focus to the outcome whilst respecting processes. 


Successful urban policy involves more than good architecture and design excellence. The urban environment is a complex laboratory for the unfolding of public policy. The interplay of so many complex inputs can be beyond single professional disciplines, and can leave you struggling to define a project path. Urbanac can help you integrate inputs, focus resources, and design a project strategy to deliver outcomes. 

Urban engagement

All urban design is political. Urbanac can help you design your engagement program, carry out consultation activities, public and private, and work with your staff and other professionals to ensure the best possible project outcomes. Urbanac can help you navigate a pathway towards project success. 


Having your voice heard in policy development means responding to Government proposals and draft plans often on very tight timeframes. If a nearby development proposal will affect you, you may only get one chance to voice your concerns. Urbanac specialises in quick turnaround submissions, helping you to have your say, while freeing up you and your staff to continue working on core business



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