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Urbanac encourages the pursuit of creative endeavours in and beyond the workplace. Urbanac considers that the truly creative practice is informed by the artistic endeavours of its people across a range of platforms.

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When UTS Professor Shari Forbes wanted to get Australia’s first Body Farm approved, she turned to Urbanac for help. Urbanac understands how to work with local Government, so rather than complicate matters with special approval processes, Urbanac simply put the proposition into plain English, involved the Council early, and worked with a select consultant team to address all the issues upfront. What could have been a hugely controversial project was instead approved in 6 weeks.  (Image by Toby Zerna)

To find out more about the UTS AFTERS facility visit the UTS newsroom or read about it at the Daily Telegraph.


NSROC Regional Priorities Paper

Urbanac prepared the Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils Regional Priorities Paper 2013, a plan setting out regional priorities and key actions for Northern Sydney. NSROC and its member councils are using this document to position the organisation and the region to take advantage of new policy directions. Urbanac updated the plan for NSROC in 2014.

To read more download the NSROC Regional Priorities Paper from the NSROC website.


Alan Cadogan - the former Strategy Director for the City of Sydney - speaks to the UTS Business School about the development of “Sustainable Sydney 2030”, the city’s overarching vision for the years to come.


Revitalising George Street Sydney

See the visioning work undertaken for the Sustainable Sydney 2030 project to help communicate how light rail could revitalise Sydney's George Street. The project is now being implemented by the NSW Government.

To find out more about the George Street transformation visit the City of Sydney website or Transport for NSW.

Sustainable Sydney 2030 Report 2010

Alan Cadogan, Director of Urbanac in his former role as Strategy Director at the City of Sydney, speaking at the Sustainable Sydney 2030 Report Back Day 2010. 

To find out more about the Sustainable Sydney 2030 Report visit the Sydney2030 website.