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Local Glimpses Bridge & Water

Local Glimpses - Bridge and Water, Hunters Hill Art Gallery, January 2015

The inner harbour of Sydney is for me a magical place: bustling, energetic, mysterious. Full of industry and activity, and the ever present water, it is also a place of great serenity. Turn the corner, and the great guardians of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Anzac Bridge are there, silently observing. Watching our secret places and quiet stories.

Local Glimpses, bridge and water is a collection of images of life on the shores and waterways of the inner harbour. It documents its grand industry and infrastructure as well as the to and fro of life along its shores. It is a personal and sometimes quirky capture of inner Sydney life. Local glimpses catching a ferry, walking the Anzac Bridge or caught in a downpour. This is my exploration of the city, from its iconic architectural beauty to its intimate urban breath. I hope you find it rewarding and engaging.